John Cena protagonist of a new project

John Cena is still one of WWE's top guys

by Simone Brugnoli
John Cena protagonist of a new project

WWE through its social networks and John Cena through his Twitter profile have announced that on March 24th on Peacock for the US and on the WWE Network for the rest of the world, the WWE Evil documentary series will air former leader of the Chain Gang who, in addition to being the creator, is also the narrator.

This is what Cena wrote: “For heroes to be heroes, we need a villain. For triumph to feel triumphant, we need to fight. For good to win... there must be evil. Check out this eight-part series that showcases WWE's most evil characters.

#WWEEvil debuts on March 24, streaming exclusively on @peacockTV."

New details on John Cena

John Cena was a football player at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. When he graduated, he gave up on football. According to John Cena, he gave up football because he felt that it was not a good fit for him and that he was too small to make a career out of it.

According to what Peacock wrote in their release, the episodes will be distributed as follows: EPISODE 1- "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hogan goes to "Hollywood", betraying his fans and his beliefs to become the personification of evil.

EPISODE 2 - The Miz: From reality star to Superstar. Mike Mizanin took fame to new heights with his evil alter-ego, The Miz. EPISODE 3 - Sasha Banks: There's a villain inside us all. Sasha Banks unleashes her to become "The Boss".

EPISODE 4 - Brothers of Destruction: Brothers and Sworn Enemies The Undertaker and Kane team up to become the ultimate evil duo in WWE. EPISODE 5 - Randy Orton: Randy Orton's "evil" evolution in the "Legend Killer" unleashes the real demons lurking within you.

EPISODE 6-Stephanie McMahon: Stephanie McMahon steps out of her father's shadow to forge a legacy of power and corruption in WWE. EPISODE 7 - Ric Flair: Witness how the "Dirtiest Player in the Game" Ric Flair became one of WWE's biggest villains.

EPISODE 8 - Roman Reigns: From the hated good boy to the beloved bad boy; Roman Reigns finds new life by embracing the dark side of him. However, since he was just starting out, he needed a job to keep himself going. He drove a limousine at one point in time, which was ironic given how he would help Cryme Tyme spray paint JBL's limousine later in his WWE career. He also worked at Gold's gym. In the end, his job at Gold's gym saw him feature in a commercial.

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