Backstage news on Dolph Ziggler's future

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Backstage news on Dolph Ziggler's future

In the last episode of NXT, dedicated to the special episode of Roadblock, WWE wanted to stage a sensational event, with Dolph Ziggler, now a veteran athlete on the main roster, who went on to snatch the title of absolute champion of NXT, beating the competition of the champion Bron Breakker and that of Tommaso Ciampa, an athlete with whom Ziggler had opened a feud a few weeks ago.

In the triple threat that closed the WWE show on Tuesday night, in fact, Ziggler had the help of his faithful companion Robert Roode, who avoided a couple of pinches that were very dangerous for him, with Ziggler finally managing to get the better of both of them, taking advantage of the carelessness of the opponents, thus putting his hands on the NXT title for the first time in his career.

After months without a title to his side, Ziggler thus becomes the absolute champion of the WWE color show at over 40 years, with the thing that has left the fans of the WWE Universe quite amazed, who expected everything except a titled victory of the Show Off of the company.

Latest update on Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler won the NXT Championship on last night's episode of NXT 2.0. This came as a huge surprise as many expected former champion Bron Breakker to easily retain the title. Ziggler's shock win has plenty of positives for the new-look brand.

Apparently, according to what was reported in one of the latest newsletters of the Wrestling Observer, by the usual and ever-present Dave Meltzer, WWE intends to keep Ziggler with the absolute title of NXT at its side for a few days, given that already at The show's next special event, Breakker is expected to get back in possession of his belt.

In his speech, Meltzer in fact stated: "Yeah, but it's only temporary because I've seen people say 'Oh my God, they put the title in the hands of a 41-year-old on a development show.' It was only because Bron Breakker will return to win the title in a great show."

In practice, in the show that will air on the same day as the first night of Wrestlemania 38, but anticipated by a few hours, WWE will also stage its annual Stand & Deliver program, where Bron Breakker is expected to get back his belt, just lost to Dolph Ziggler, only to solidify his reign and his tenure in the rings of the McMahon federation color show.

It is possible that Breakker was originally scheduled to retain the title. However, once he held his own on RAW, plans changed and Breakker will be a part of the main roster going forward.