New details on Kevin Owens' status

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New details on Kevin Owens' status

During Monday Night Raw Kevin Owens invited Stone Cold Steve Austin, after weeks of insulting the Texas that will host the Showcase of the Immortals, to join him on the Kevin Owens Show at WrestleMania 38. The Texan accepted the invitation through a video published on all WWE social networks and although initially there was talk of a match, which later became just a face to face in the Canadian's show, now we have some more details.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Steve Austin is doing cardio training for a fight sequence that will take place at WrestleMania 38 against Kevin Owens, so beware as this isn't a real match yet, but a physical fight.

High expectations for Kevin Owens

“It was billed as Kevin Owens' talk show with Austin as the host of the show on Saturday, April 2nd. It is planned to be more than just a Stunner even though Stunner would seem to be the obvious conclusion.

There is still talk of an angle leading to a match if Austin agrees, but they felt the need to announce Austin on this week's show. What we do know is that Austin has upped his cardio exercise, so the plan is that of a fight scene, and not just a quick stunner."

Even though Stone Cold hasn't actually played a full wrestling match for 19 years, he was often involved in segments with some physical scenes, where he fed his grandiose Stunner to some poor unfortunate who passed by, but after having kindly offered him a beer of course.

The message of the legend is clear, however, even if it is not yet known exactly what he will do: "I want to guarantee you this, in Dallas, Texas, where I started my career, at Wrestlemania, Stone Cold Steve Austin will open one last can of spanking.

for you, Kevin Owens. That's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!" On May 18th, 2015, Kevin Owens made his surprise debut on the main roster, where he could dominate the brand even though he was the NXT Champion.

At the time, Owens was seen as The Prizefighter and only cared about adding gold to his collection. The former Universal Champion was once seen as one of the biggest stars in the company. This even saw Triple H turn on Seth Rollins to put him over.

It's obvious that his potential has been wasted following his move over to SmackDown and now Owens needs something to allow him to pick up where he left off.