D-Lo Brown Speaks About WWE Hall of Famers

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D-Lo Brown Speaks About WWE Hall of Famers
D-Lo Brown Speaks About WWE Hall of Famers

According to many wrestling experts, D-Lo Brown was the first man inside the WWE who made the popular move, the Frog Splash popular in the WWE, and he recently gave his thoughts on WWE Hall of Famers. D-Lo Brown was a famous wrestler back in his time, however, he never could reach the top of the WWE even after spending years working for the promotion.

He was part of The Nation of Domination at one time. He stated that out of all the members, Ron Simmons is the man who truly deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

D-Lo Brown Believes That He Does Not Deserve to Be In Hall of Fame

“All Hall of Famers,” Brown said.

“All top talent, all guys that I was fortunate enough and blessed enough to be around, and first and foremost is Ron Simmons. I mean, to have that man as your mentor, your life coach, your pseudo-father, it doesn’t get any better than that.

And mind you, the whole time, I idolized this man growing up. “So to have the opportunity to go from watching him, hell, I was in the arena when he won the WCW World Title From Big Van Vader in Baltimore, Maryland. I was there as a fan.

So to go from that to five years later, standing in another ring in the same building, standing next to the man – surreal”. D-Lo Brown continued to say nice things about Simmons. According to D, Simmons is proof of the fact that colored people can also be stars in the professional wrestling business.

“He showed people of color that you could be good at this, and he became that shining light and he opened the door, you know?” Brown said. “Myself, and there’s a bunch of others that go, ‘I did this.

I got into this because if Ron could do it, then there’s a path already laid for me to be able to do it.’ And man, they say never meet your heroes, I’m so glad I met mine”. He stated that he himself does not reserve the status of being in the Hall of Fame.

He believes he has not done enough to justify being inducted into the Hall of Fame. “I don’t think I’ve done enough the business to warrant a Hall of Fame Induction,” D-Lo Brown said. “I mean, just my opinion”.