Does WWE risk burning Bron Breakker?

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Does WWE risk burning Bron Breakker?

Bron Breakker lost the NXT Championship to Dolph Ziggler last week, following a triple threat match that also included Tommaso Ciampa. Subsequently, Dave Meltzer - a well-known correspondent for the Wrestling Observer - reported that WWE is considering moving Breakker to the main roster shortly.

Bron spoke to Dallas News' Joey Hayden recently, saying he was bitter about losing the title. The former NXT champion wants to do everything possible to win back the belt, but the feeling is that his days in the 'Black and Gold' brand are almost over.

In the latest edition of 'Smack Talk' on Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell shared his thoughts on the recent rumors.

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"The news of Bron Breakker’s impending move to the main roster sounds like the kiss of death" - began Mantell.

“Are we sure this is not a rash move? It would not be the first time that WWE got the timing wrong and accelerated the parable of a young superstar too much. The fact that Bron has been successful at NXT does not necessarily mean that he will shine on the main roster as well.

He could go to Raw or SmackDown and lose all the momentum he has gained in the last few months. Management needs to think carefully before moving. I would wait a little longer before letting him make the big leap” - he added.

Dutch then commented on Cesaro’s farewell to WWE: “In 2013-2014, Cesaro was one of the most popular and recognizable superstars among fans. The decision to remove him from the Real Americans proved unsuccessful, as did the collaboration with Paul Heyman.

They were together for a very short time, but it was enough to ruin his push." Eric Bischoff echoed: “For a variety of reasons, Cesaro didn't achieve what everyone imagined in WWE. He has what it takes to become an icon: he looks good, he's very skilled in the ring and looks like a movie star.

I'd like to know why he never made it to the top of the federation." On this week's edition of Sportskeeda's The Bro Show, Diamond Dallas Page was full of praise for Bron Breakker, who he believes can walk the talk in the ring.

The Hall of Famer also drew parallels between the rising star and Lesnar. "I thought they killed it. The beginning was a bit slow but they got a long way to go. That second last half of the match - the cat (Breakker) is money.

He's believable - he's as believable as a Brock Lesnar or any of those top guys, who are wrestling shoot-a**, bad*** wrestlers. And Brock is, of course, at the top of the foodchain," said DDP.