Smackdown: Terrible injury for Big E

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Smackdown: Terrible injury for Big E

In the latest Friday Night Smackdown episode, WWE staged several matches to enrich the card of one of the federation's last shows before Wrestlemania 38, with several big names on its roster taking part in some challenges, such as ex WWE Champion Big E.

Unfortunately for him, The New Day component got a bad blow he had not yet received in his career, which could have jeopardized his future from now until Wrestlemania, with a bad fracture that could now squeeze him out of WWE's plans by now.

up to the Showcase of the Immortals. During his match against Sheamus and Ridge Holland, in the company of close ally Kofi Kingston, Big E received a German Suplex outside the square from Holland, with E falling heavily on his head and neck, remaining then stretched out on the ground, making it clear that something was wrong.

Terrible accident for Big E

After being encircled by WWE medical personnel, Big E was carried away on a stretcher backstage, with the former WWE Champion waving to the audience with a classic thumbs-up, but still not letting anyone know.

anyone about his medical condition. To give further news regarding his state of health, he thought about it at the end after several minutes the same Big E, who trying to reassure, up to a certain point, the fans who had witnessed the bad quarter of an hour, however, confirmed that the doctors had described in advance that something in his neck is broken, although all the fingers and toes are moving and which is a great sign, not having affected the fracture some important nerve of the spine.

To this video, Big E has entrusted his words, which in part hearten the fans, even if the precise diagnosis of what hit the former WWE Champion has not yet arrived and above all even if this fracture will keep him out of the scene for a long time now.

The New Day has recently been feuding with Sheamus and Ridge Holland in a series of match-ups. The former Intercontinental and WWE Champion quietly moved to SmackDown despite being the face of RAW and the #1 draft pick for the brand back in October.

We're not sure what the plan is for Big E at WrestleMania 38. As of this writing, his status for the show might be up in the air. If he misses WrestleMania due to an injury, he will join his former rival, Bobby Lashley. After getting injured at the Elimination Chamber last month, he is also under medical supervision.