Smackdown: Surprising debut on SmackDown

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Smackdown: Surprising debut on SmackDown

In the latest weekly episodes of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, WWE has seen fit to stage several surprises, in order to keep fans excited for Wrestlemania 38, still having to create numerous contests for both evenings dedicated to the Showcase of the Immortals, with several champions and several top names who do not yet have a match ready for the event.

Among the many surprises that have arrived in recent weeks, also tonight we saw one on the television screens of the blue show, with Pete Dunne, the former absolute champion of NXT UK, who with his reign had dominated and created an absolute reign record in that of British WWE brand, later scrapped by WALTER, which made its official debut on the company's main roster.

After several weeks in which there was talk of Tommaso Ciampa as an addition to the main roster, his colleague Dunne instead took part in a coalition of Smackdown, with the all-British group that will now try to dominate in that of the blue Friday night show on FOX.

Many emotions on SmackDown

During one of the segments staged on the night of Friday Night SmackDown, WWE wanted to frame Sheamus and Ridge Holland present backstage of the show, with the two introducing a new "friend" who will be part of their team from now on.

Under the name of Butch and not Pete Dunne, WWE then introduced the now former NXT athlete to its audience, with Dunne immediately hinting that he was in total sync with the two British WWE athletes. Although at the moment there is no official confirmation on the definitive name change, the WWE has still called in the whole segment, Pete Dunne: Butch, who could make it clear that the top management of the federation did not like the previous name to someone at the top.

This effectively means that The Usos will not be on the card on the same night that Roman Reigns will face Brock Lesnar in the title unification match at the Show of Shows. However, they could still make an appearance and help their Tribal Chief in his big match, something that has been a common occurrence in Reigns' historic title reign.

However, given that the Universal Champion is facing Brock Lesnar, it wouldn't be surprising to see him take on the challenge by himself. Meanwhile, The Usos have limited time to build up their rivalry with their new challengers, so they'll need to focus on their own match.