Smackdown: Rick Boogs defeated Jey Uso

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Smackdown: Rick Boogs defeated Jey Uso

Backstage Sami Zayn is in the company of Kayla Braxton, but a video is broadcast in which Johnny Knoxville, recalling how Zayn gave his mobile number to everyone on Instagram, takes revenge by passing a plane with the same number.

Sami on Los Angeles. It's a conspiracy! The former Intercontinental Champion does not take it well and says it is a violation of his privacy, then admits that he has not prepared for tonight's rematch because he is committed to canceling the 10 thousand messages received, but Ricochet has just been lucky and will soon give him back.

its title. - The Viking Raiders & Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal, Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss. The match has not even started, because the cameras show us the Vikings on the ground backstage. Rick Boogs took on one-half of the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion, Jey Uso.

The match was booked after Shinsuke Nakamura, and Boogs interrupted The Usos while they were making their plans for WrestleMania 38.

Rick Boogs def. Jey Uso

Rick Boogs went on a roll and dropped Jey Uso with some power moves before hitting the Boogs Cruise for the win.

After the match, Jimmy came in with Boogs' guitar and broke it on his head to end the segment. The Usos' plans for WrestleMania seem very clear now. The SmackDown Tag Team Champions will defend their titles against Nakamura and Boogs.

It'll be good if the latter wins his first title with the experienced Nakamura by his side before going on a solo run. The intended rivals and Shanky reach the stage, but McIntyre starts aggressively, shedding the top 3 and staying face to face with Corbin.

But everyone recovers quickly and, in a 4-on-1, Drew can do very little about it. Eventually, the Indians hold Drew down and, while Moss yells casually, Corbin starts the countdown for the Claymore ... 3 ... 2 ... nothing! The Scotsman breaks free and makes a clean sweep, while the former Baron once again manages to escape in time.

With the Scottish Psychopath pointing to the Wrestlemania logo with his sword this boring segment ends. Rick Boogs, aka Eric Bugenhagen, is a former amateur American wrestler. The 33-year-old began his WWE journey in October 2017 with NXT.

He faced Lars Sullivan in a losing effort on the October 19 episode of WWE NXT. His struggle continued through most parts of his NXT career. After a year-long hiatus, Rick came back from an injury and began wrestling with his original name in 2018. The change of name didn’t improve the results. But he faced constant losses in the tag team and singles match.