Shelton Benjamin reveals the most valuable advice of his career


Shelton Benjamin reveals the most valuable advice of his career

As you all know by now, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is a rather shy person, who does not particularly like the crowd and crowded places and above all who prefers his life retreated on his ranch in Canada, where he spends most of his life, without fanfare, without the spotlight and without the mundane life that a WWE Superstar usually does.

Instead of red carpets, interviews, TV appearances and everything in between, Lesnar instead prefers work in the countryside, hunting and solitude, with his contract which in fact, unlike many other contracts of the McMahon-owned company, involves long stops.

during the year, that they go to recharge the batteries to the athlete, away from the WWE shows. In this context, of course, Lesnar also has very few friends within the WWE crew, not being an easily approachable person and one of these friends is Shelton Benjamin, former member of Team Angle, who fought with Lesnar since the days of the OVW, the WWE satellite company in the early 2000s, where the two of them and many other WWE big names such as John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista grew up professionally.

In his latest interview with the microphones of the Fightful site, Shelton Benjamin wanted to tell about the advice coming directly from the mouth of the current WWE Champion, on avoiding repeating one of the characteristic moves of the beginning of Benjamin's career, the 450 Splash.

Shelton Benjamin is a WWE veteran

In his speech, Shelton in fact told: "Very simple. The last time I did it, I practically got injured. I banged my elbow and currently I should still have surgery for that. In practice it is one of the reasons why I removed it from my repertoire.

Then, beyond that, there are a lot of other moves that I haven't done anymore. Believe it or not, it was advice Brock gave me. It was really good advice. He said to me, 'If you can hit it ten out of ten times, do it. If you can do it nine out of ten times, never try to do it on TV.’ So it’s just I don’t want to screw up on TV.

It’s just as simple as that. I can still do a lot of stuff. I just choose not to because one—why? Two—the margin for error is greater than I want to risk." Shelton Benjamin remained a tag team specialist for two years before being drafted to RAW and pursuing the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

It was during this period that Benjamin started to show considerable skill as a wrestler and promise as an overall performer.

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