Scott Hall suffered three heart attacks

The former four-time Intercontinental Champion retired from the business in 2010

by Simone Brugnoli
Scott Hall suffered three heart attacks

Unfortunately, a WWE Hall of Famer is not doing well and we're talking about Scott Hall, who suffered from some complications following a hip operation last week. Giving us an update is PWTorch's Wade Keller: “Former WCW and WWE star Scott Hall is attached to machinery at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA after suffering three heart attacks last night, PWTorch has learned.

He underwent hip replacement surgery last week but suffered a serious complication when a blood clot dissolved. Hall had a push as a main event in the mid-1980s in AWA as Curt Hennig's tag team partner. He would go to prominence nationally as Razor Ramon in WWE.

In WCW, he and Kevin Nash formed The Outsiders and helped elevate WCW Nitro on the charts. Hulk Hogan joined the group called nWo." In addition to the words written by the site, we recall that Hall debuted in 1984 and fought until 2016 and that he is also playable in WWE 2K22 both as Scott Hall, with the nWo 4-Life Edition and as Razor Ramon.

Scott Hall recently underwent hip surgery

Following his Hall of Fame induction, Scott Hall made several appearances as part of the RAW Reunion in July 2019 and a year earlier as part of RAW 25 when he was part of a segment with D-Generation X, The Balor Club, and The Revival.

PWTorch also reported the following on March 2: “We are told that WWE Hall of Famer, Scott Hall, ended up in hospital after a fall that broke his hip. Jerry Jarrett revealed the news on Facebook after speaking to Hall.

Scott Hall will be in Dallas over Wrestlemania weekend for events, bookings and other appearances. There is no indication that Hall will still participate as planned." The former four-time Intercontinental Champion retired from the business in 2010 but has made several appearances since retirement.

Scott Hall was announced as a member of the Hall of Fame back in 2014. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, X-Pac, and Kevin Nash joined Hall onstage after his speech to welcome him into the class.

Scott Hall Intercontinental Champion