Is WWE considering a new gimmick for Elias?

WWE already has a big surprise ready for Raw and SmackDown

by Simone Brugnoli
Is WWE considering a new gimmick for Elias?

From these WWE screens, various characters disappear very often, including those who leave due to an injury, those who leave due to personal problems and those who do not find in the WWE creative team plans for their future.

One of these last characters is currently Elias, the Drifter of the McMahon-owned company, who has been absent from the federation's television screens for so many weeks. After staging some segments in which Elias was seen throwing his guitar into a bonfire in the woods, with Elias promising a great change, nothing more was known about him.

Apparently, WWE was trying to bring a new gimmick to sew on his character, but that doesn't seem to have succeeded yet to the insiders and executives of the company, with Elias, therefore, remaining away from the scene for months, without the specific plans for him.

Apparently, however, we may have approached the end of this soap opera, with the latest news on this topic, emerging from WWE circles, which bodes well for fans of the company's Drifter.

New details on Elias

Apparently, WWE has been working for months on a possible return of Elias to the company's rings, with several online sources reporting as continuing the work of the insiders of the company's creative team.

According to what was reported in the last hours by the well-known Fightful Select, the first presentation cartoons of the new character of Elias would also have been recorded, with the wrestler who could even change his name in the ring.

Usually, WWE doesn't use such drastic changes with its athletes, simply changing gimmicks but not names. Apparently, for Elias, Vince McMahon's himself said to have decided to give us a sharper cut, also changing the look of the athlete, who initially looked too much like the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage, with the WWE Chairman who therefore opted for a plan B, trashing close-ups for his return and looking for more.

Throughout this process, weeks would obviously pass, with new projects for Elias likely to be staged soon. It appears that Elias won't be gone forever, as Sapp has received word that new vignettes have been filmed recently.

In the same update, it was reported that Elias is tentatively slated to return to the RAW brand in the near future, although that could always change. Additionally, in what seems to be a popular trend in the company lately, there has been some discussion of changing Elias' name. What that name would be and whether that is the direction the company wants to go remains to be seen.

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