Torrie Wilson Replies to Critics


Torrie Wilson Replies to Critics

The WWE fans do not agree with the WWE’s decisions all the time. In fact, most fans until recently were not satisfied with what they were getting from the WWE, and were very vocal about it. WWE Fans used to boo Roman Reigns because they considered him boring.

They started booing Ronda Rousey as she wasn’t good at cutting promos. The WWE pushes only those wrestlers that they think can help them make more money. It was widely known that Vince McMahon did not care about what the fans wanted.

He was just concerned about the money that he could make using the wrestlers. Torrie Wilson was a part time WWE wrestler and was a manager for the most part. A large number of fans criticized the WWE for deciding to induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame.

They stated that Torrie Wilson was never a good wrestler and was more of a show piece. Wilson responded to the critics by saying the following on Busted Open Radio: "I mean, I think some of the people that are angry are the same people that are forgetting that this is an entertainment show, and I was not calling the shots backstage going, 'Hey Vince, can I please wrestle in a bikini tonight?' I actually was out there with Fit Finlay going, 'OK, what's the most athletic match I can put together with a bikini on?'"

Torrie Wilson