Torrie Wilson on What She Was not


Torrie Wilson on What She Was not

A number of talented wrestlers are part of WWE’s Hall of Fame. Getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is a huge honor for most wrestlers. Some former WWE wrestlers like The Honky Tonk Man have turned down WWE’s offer in the past to be inducted as they believe that it is meaningless.

Fans are usually not concerned about who gets inducted every year. This time, some fans have criticized the WWE’s decision to induct Torrie Wilson into the Hall of Fame, Torrie Wilson never won a major women’s title during her run with the company.

She wasn’t even a very good wrestler. She rarely competed and was used as a show piece and a manager. Torrie Wilson responded to fans by stating that I wasn’t her choice to show up in the ring wearing a bikini. The WWE Creative Team forced her to perform strips and dances.

Wilson herself admitted on the Busted Open Radio that she knew she wasn’t nearly as great as some current WWE female wrestlers. She stated that she knew that she was never an outstanding performer but still brought value to the WWE product.

The talked about the phone call that she received from the WWE and her thoughts after that. “I basically started putting together this list of all the things I'm not. I was never a champion, I could really just start...

I could do much better than my haters about beating myself up. And then I had to put myself in check, and say, you know... but there are a lot of things that I am”.

Torrie Wilson