The Undertaker speaks about his wife

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The Undertaker speaks about his wife

During an interview with the Dallas Morning News, The Undertaker talked about the fact that he would like to see his wife Michelle McCool in the Hall Of Fame sooner or later, also sharing an anecdote about a match he had against Melina.

"This is going to sound really super political, but I think my wife [Michelle McCool] should be there [in the Hall Of Fame]" Taker said. "She was one who worked at a time when women hardly had the opportunities that they have now, and he fought so hard for women to get more of a spotlight on them.

She was scolded once for having too good a meeting with Melina. It is a true story. But for her work ethic and for what she did in the time they didn't have many opportunities, I think she deserves a nod." Often, in fact, women were told not to really fight matches because they only had to do those horrible things that were used only for the visual pleasure of the male audience, but Melina and Michelle have also always wanted to fight, rightly, like other colleagues of their era.

The Undertaker is a wrestling legend

The Undertaker is set to headline the WWE Hall of Fame next month, during WrestleMania weekend. He was recently asked to pick one name who deserves the accolade. Speaking to The Dallas Morning News, The Deadman said his wife, Michelle McCool, deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Also in the same interview, he was asked who else he would like to see in the WWE Hall Of Fame: "My God, there's a long list of male talents I could list. But I'm just trying to get over this. I have to put this together.

Then, we'll find out who else comes in. I have papers all over the place with notes and ideas. I haven't had this kind of nervous energy in a while, you know." The Undertaker said he was very nervous about the speech he will have to make for the introduction of him: "I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed at the moment with the speech.

It's kind of the closest thing, in terms of feeling pressured, that I've had to do since I put together a Wrestlemania match."