Who will be Cody Rhodes' first opponent?

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Who will be Cody Rhodes' first opponent?
Who will be Cody Rhodes' first opponent?

Recently, according to what was reported by PWInsider, it seems that the plans for the return to the rings of the WWE of Cody Rhodes will not be staged before Wrestlemania 38: "The current plan is to have Rhodes with the weekend debut of Wrestlemania with the word given to us by those who work within the company that Cody will later appear in the Raw brand." PWInsider had reported in the past few hours the news of the official signing of the contract between Rhodes and the Stamford company, which would have taken place between 10 and 14 days ago.

Backstage news on Cody Rhodes

In an update, well-known site Fightful Select said WWE has been internally discussing flying Cody Rhodes in a private plane so that the American Nightmare can avoid being seen in public before Wrestlemania 38.

It was also added that many personalities within the WWE are happy with this return. To say it was the reporter of the site, or Sean Ross Sapp: "I have spoken to numerous WWE talents in the last month and everyone was very excited about Cody Rhodes, about the possibility that he could return to the company." Fightful Select also confirms that Rhodes is set to appear on Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania, a hint that he will be regularly on the red show to compete alongside his new and old colleagues and old friends.

According to the various reports of wrestling news sites and the language used by commentators during the various matches and segments of Seth Rollins, it seems that he will go face to face with the son of art. In fact, the architect of the ring still doesn't have a match for Wrestlemania, which is quite strange for him, given that he has been one of the company's top athletes for several years now.

So keep your eyes open because they could collide and steal the show on one of the two evenings of the Showcase of the Immortals. Cody Rhodes wasn't happy with how his career was panning out in WWE and requested his release in May 2016.

Cody's release request was soon granted by the company. He went on to become a top name outside the WWE umbrella and did quite well on the independent circuit. Cody also competed in top promotions like Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling, and NJPW.

Cody was instrumental in the formation of All Elite Wrestling. He served as the company's Executive Vice President and was a top star throughout his run there. Over the years, The American Nightmare has taken multiple shots at WWE, but he has also praised the company on various occasions.

Cody Rhodes Raw Smackdown

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