New details on Bianca Belair's injury

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New details on Bianca Belair's injury

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop for the umpteenth time, with a powerful KOD, but after the sound of the victory bell, while she was celebrating, Becky Lynch came back and attacked her, using her braid and a chair to slam it against the outside stake and hurt her throat.

This is because if you remember well a few days ago we reported that during a live event the EST, by mistake, of course, had hit the Raw champion with a fist in the throat, sending her to the hospital with her larynx not so well placed, which 'had led to skipping the episode of the red show the week before.

WWE initially wrote on social media immediately after the attack: "Following the ferocious attack by Raw champion Becky Lynch on Raw, Bianca Belair was the victim of a throat trauma and currently medical staff are visiting her."

Latest update on Bianca Belair

Last night, on their website, the Stamford company gave a further update, probably in the storyline, on the state of health of the EST: "Bianca Belair suffered a fracture to the hyoid bone in her throat due to the attack perpetrated by Raw Women's.

Champion Becky Lynch last Monday on Raw, found out. The WWE Universe watched in horror as Lynch took out her Wrestlemania challenger brutally, wrapping a chair around Belair's head and neck before sending her into a steel stake in the ring.

While Belair won't need surgery, she will be out of action for an unspecified amount of time as she tries to recover, officials say." In fact, Bianca was also removed from last night's live event, where her place was taken by Rhea Ripley who challenged the Irishman, with Becky who wrote on Twitter: “Since @BiancaBelairWWE went and got injured on my own, I introduced @RheaRipley_WWE to life in the main event at #wwespringfield tonight.

I make people better and then I beat them. #welcometothebigtime." A week prior to the attack on Bianca Belair, the former SmackDown Women's Champion got the better of Lynch in an attack of her own. She used her braids to unleash a vicious attack on Big Time Becks that left the latter struggling with prominent scars for a week.

The EST made a statement with these moves as it added to her momentum on the Road to WrestleMania. This didn't sit well with Lynch, who wanted to turn things in her favor and hit back at her challenger with equal brutality.

Belair is yet to comment on her injury or the time frame of her return. However, there are no additional updates on whether it is a legitimate injury or is a potential work to keep the build-up interesting ahead of their title match.