Gable Steveson gets another accolade

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Gable Steveson gets another accolade

One of the last big names that WWE has seen affixed to one of its contracts is undoubtedly that of Gable Steveson, an athlete who won an Olympic gold medal in Tokyo 2021, in the wrestling category, where he had triumphed over 20 years ago.

also Kurt Angle, future world champion, of the McMahon company. In an interview, the boy said he had signed with the company too because it still gave him the opportunity to continue his schooling, which was then linked to the NIL program founded by the WWE.

In fact, he said: "They still allow me to go to school. If I had signed with the UFC or the NFL, I would have had to leave an open book with the University of Minnesota yet to be finished. I want to go back to the National Tournament again and win it.

I want to go back and fight in front of my fans because last year I couldn't because of the covid and the year before that, everything was canceled, I wanted to go back and do one last run where everyone could see me."

Backstage news on Gable Steveson

After graduating from school, also winning his last match there, Gable Steveson won his second NCAA Heavyweight Championship after defeating Arizona State's Cohlton Schultz Saturday night in Detroit, Michigan.

WWE wanted to celebrate his Superstar as follows: "WWE's Gable Steveson successfully defended his NCAA Championship on Saturday night, defeating Arizona State's Cohlton Schultz 6-2 to win the tournament final in Detroit.

The Olympic gold medalist has now won two NCAA national titles and three Big Ten Championships as a member of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. Steveson joined the WWE roster in September 2021 in the NIL's first exclusive deal.

Steveson would go on to be selected as a Raw member in the WWE 2021 Draft. Join the WWE Universe in congratulating Steveson on his incredible achievement and legendary collegiate career!" With WrestleMania 38 less than two weeks away, WWE still has plenty of time to add matches to their biggest show of the year that will air across two nights from AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

If Gable Steveson accidentally gave spoilers on his debut, it's not stopping other members of the RAW roster from talking about him on social media. Today, RAW commentator Corey Graves questioned whether the Olympic Gold Medalist was free on Monday to begin the next chapter of his career.