WrestleMania 38 will be shown in US cinemas

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WrestleMania 38 will be shown in US cinemas

The event linked to pro-wrestling by far the most famous and sought after in the world every year is obviously WrestleMania 38, an event created by the Chairman of the Stamford-based federation, Vince McMahon, about 40 years ago, which sees thousands and thousands of athletes and athletes every year being watched by fans from all over the world.

For 38 years now, Wrestlemania has been the show that ever moves more money, more work and more attention within the world of pro-wrestling, with real travel packages that bring European fans as Asian fans to travel around the globe, just to go and follow the most important storylines and the most important matches in the United States of America.

Obviously, this year too there will be no discounts, with WWE having already called great names to show up at Wrestlemania, such as Brock Lesnar, Edge or the actors Johnny Knoxville and Logan Paul.

Latest news on WrestleMania 38

As reported in the last hours by various American newspapers, WWE seems to have closed a formidable agreement with Fathomevents to go to broadcast its annual edition of WrestleMania 38 in all American cinemas.

Fans will in fact be able to follow both nights dedicated to the WWE show, sitting in the comfortable armchairs of their favorite cinema, among cheering fans, popcorn and various drinks. Ticket prices will vary from cinema to cinema, but at the moment it seems that most of them are around $20 each, with a total cost of $40 for the event then.

Apparently, after the live event, in which fans see their heroes much closer and in which they obviously experience 100% action, according to WWE the best way to watch Wrestlemania is to share the emotions coming from the rings of the show with a big company, as only that of the cinema can be, unlike the living room of the house.

Next month at WrestleMania 38, Orton will enter the Showcase of the Immortals as one half of the RAW Tag Team Champions alongside his RK-Bro teammate Riddle. By doing this, Orton will accomplish something no other WWE Superstar has ever done.

The Viper will be the first-ever WWE Superstar to enter WrestleMania as a Tag Team Champion, a WWE Champion, a World Heavyweight Champion, a United States Champion, and an Intercontinental Champion.