Bronson Reed takes a shot at WWE

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Bronson Reed takes a shot at WWE

In one of the last and many waves of releases carried out by the WWE just a few months ago, as in the last two years, unfortunately also the former North American NXT champion, Bronson Reed, an athlete who was considered by many to be one of the most agile and portentous that he had the third WWE brand despite his tonnage, a bit like Keith Lee (who, among other things, did the same end), with such athletes capable of making really very interesting, impressive and choreographic flights.

Immediately after the release came like a bolt from the blue, obviously Bronson would have remained silent for a while, trying to metabolize the bad blow that came at the hands of the company executives, with the now-former NXT athlete, who then wanted to say his in several interviews and interventions made in his personal videos posted on the Youtube channel or in the various calls of some important American pro-wrestling newspaper.

Bronson Reed's outburst

The Bronson Reed returned to being simply JONAH in his new stint in independent companies and with NJPW, wanted to tell the important promises made by Triple H and the management of the company before his dismissal came as a bolt from the blue, with the former Reed who in fact told: "Great promises, world champion.

There is where I always dreamed of being and where I had marked my goals. I mark my goals as I go and increase them going forward, just like the company I don't want to name does, I was destined to become one of the top guys in the black and gold brand.

This is what they said would happen. This is what they promised. But as we all know, promises have not been kept and are not kept very often in professional wrestling. So now it's all back on my shoulders and I want to be sure that I will always live with this hype."

Bronson Reed went on to thank Triple H and Shawn Michaels, his NXT coaches, and everyone who shared a locker room as part of the black-and-gold brand. It seems like Reed is quite optimistic about his future, as he made it clear that he intends to keep proving that he's the best super heavyweight in the world.

"I am staying positive," said Reed. "And I do believe I am, bar none the best super heavyweight in the world. And I'll continue to prove that. So, as they say, one door closes, and another one opens, but for me, many doors are open. And now it's just about which one I want to walk through."