WrestleMania could be held across two nights forever from now on

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WrestleMania could be held across two nights forever from now on

For the past two years, WWE has aired its annual edition of WrestleMania over two days. Thanks to the global pandemic that broke out at the beginning of 2020, which brought enormous problems to the Stamford-based company, as well as to all the world markets that dealt with entertainment sports and sports in general.

Thanks to this pandemic, however, WWE has been able to better organize itself with its shows, not being able to host any live fans in its shows for several months. Initially, in fact, even before the birth of the company's ThunderDome, the weekly shows and the ppvs of the federation were staged completely without an audience, with empty arenas, which left a bit of melancholy even for home fans and workers.

works present at the event. The Performance Center, in fact, was the home of many WWE shows in 2020, until the advent of the company's ThunderDome, then fortunately returning to the live audience, for the first time during last year's Showcase edition, number 37, where WWE returned to having a live audience for just two nights, before returning to the ThunderDome until summer.

WrestleMania is getting closer and closer

Apparently, again this year the WWE wanted to set its edition of the Showcase of the Immortals on two evenings, that of Saturday and Sunday, with everything being modified to see how ticket sales will go, in case.

this format will always be used in the future. In his last speech to the microphones of the Sunday Night's Main Event podcast, Dave Meltzer wanted to say about this story: "I believe WrestleMania will always be a two night event from now on.

I think the first step was to see how many tickets people could buy and since they did it with good numbers... They almost sold all the first night tickets, were the original numbers gigantic? No, but that's okay. It is a huge stadium.

It will not be easy to sell all the tickets for both nights. They haven't announced the two days for next year yet, but I think it's better to manage it like this. It is the nature of what Wrestlemania has now become.

You make more money and it's better for the show. I have talked to many people in the backstage and many have confirmed to me that the idea is to always adopt the two days from now on. Of course, they can always make changes when they want.

I don't think anyone likes a show that lasts 7 hours or more all at once anyway. Always better to divide them in two."