First possible WrestleMania spoilers revealed

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First possible WrestleMania spoilers revealed

In the weeks immediately preceding the most important WWE shows, especially with regard to WWE's Big Four PPV: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Summerslam and the Survivor Series, very important news is always reported that could turn out to be real spoilers with some clues that otherwise aren't formalized by WWE until the show airs.

As happened earlier this year, WWE wanted to make real spoilers of its shows, as for the female Rumble, where usually only the athletes who are part of the roster are announced, without going to name the various surprise entries.

which would then be staged during the night of the ppv. This year, however, WWE nominated many of its surprise entries weeks in advance, such as Michelle McCool, Lita, Mickie James and many other athletes, who then actually entered the real brawl with 30 women.

Much more often, however, unofficial news comes from sources outside the WWE, such as journalists or insiders very close to the company, who literally spoil some details of those shows, without WWE being able to do anything, if not staying.

in silence and leaving the doubt to the fans.

First spoilers on WrestleMania

In the last few hours, a very famous Reddit user in the world of pro-wrestling, this kermit125, seems to have already reported very useful information in the past about the organization of WWE events, about the cards of night 1 and 2 of WrestleMania 38.

Many are in fact wondering when the famous match will be staged that should come as a surprise in that of the Showcase of the Immortals, with Cody Rhodes who will return to the scene on a WWE ring and with his opponent who will be the "Visionary" of the company, Seth Rollins.

According to the words of the popular account, the Rhodes vs Rollins match will air on the second night dedicated to Wrestlemania, while the match valid for the Raw Women's Champion title between Bekcy Lynch and Bianca Belair will air as the opening of the first night of the 'event.

If all this were not enough, kermit125 also wanted to confirm how his personal sources have ascertained that the segment between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Kevin Owens, in the Kevin Owens Show which will see the return of the Hall of Famer to the WWE rings after years, will close on night 1 of Wrestlemania instead.