Stone Cold Steve Austin is in great shape

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is in great shape

In recent weeks, one of the names that have been on everyone's lips the most in WWE and outside the McMahon-owned federation is undoubtedly that of WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who will return to show up in the Stamford-owned company rings at Wrestlemania 38, where he will appear as a surprise guest on the Kevin Owens Show, of the Canadian athlete of the same name.

After weeks of insults and teasing around the state of Texas, Kevin Owens came out, making it clear that the target of his insults was the Texan Rattlesnake, Steve Austin. After the closing of Monday Night Raw with a promo dedicated to the Texan, Stone Cold himself wanted to confirm his presence at Wrestlemania, accepting Owens' invitation/challenge to appear at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Initially, however, WWE wanted a real match within the event card, with Steve Austin physically preparing for a real physical confrontation, which at this point is very likely to come.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is ready

As confirmed by Dave Meltzer in his last speech to the microphones of Sunday Night's Main Event, Stone Cold Steve Austin seems to have returned to work hard in the gym in a very effective way, getting back in shape for a real fight in the ring, which hasn't arrived for almost 20 years.

for Austin. In his speech, Meltzer in fact stated: "He and I talked to a mutual friend who told me he's back in great shape. So, I mean, it's very likely he's going to take off his shirt. There will be a fight.

There will be a fight, without a shadow of a doubt. He won't appear there simply to kick him where he doesn't beat the sun and a Stunner. He is training very hard and so there is going to be a lot more than that. Will he have a 20-minute match? No, I really think not.

Will he do something for seven minutes and get to have a fight across the hall? I expect such a thing, yes." Dutch Mantell was in conversation with Wrestling Shoot Interviews this week where he spoke about how Stone Cold's return could work out.

The wrestling veteran mentioned that WWE should keep things simple, with Austin getting in a few good lines before laying a Stunner on Kevin Owens. Mantell also suggested that Austin could possibly get one of the loudest pops in the last 20 years.

"Steve Austin is coming back, not in a match but in some interview setting. We don't need to worry about the end of it so much as the interview. They just need to get 3 or 4 minutes and have Stone Cold get some of his good lines in.

On Saturday at WrestleMania, the place will be jam-packed and I think it will be one of the loudest explosions people have heard at a wrestling event probably in the last 20 years maybe."