Randy Orton approaches an impressive record

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Randy Orton approaches an impressive record

One of the most important characters of this pandemic for Monday Night Raw, the main WWE show that has been airing every Monday night for decades now, was undoubtedly Randy Orton, multiple world champion of McMahon, who's also held the position of Red Show Tag Team Champion, alongside Matt Riddle.

During this summer, however, we saw Orton go away for a few weeks, although someone did not pay much attention to it, with the athlete who in his latest interviews wanted to tell the reason for this absence, or that Orton also caught the Covid-19 infection, with Randy who had to stay at home longer than expected, due to some not very rare aftermath that the disease often leaves to those who suffer it.

After fully recovering from the pandemic disease, Orton is back to triumph in the WWE rings, winning the tag team title of the red Monday Night Raw show and entering as a duo champion in Wrestlemania, Randy will be able to add yet another record in his personal trophy collection.

Backstage News on Randy Orton

Randy Orton is one of the most decorated champions in WWE history. Next month at WrestleMania 38, Orton will enter the Showcase of the Immortals as one half of the RAW Tag Team Champions alongside his RK-Bro teammate Riddle.

By doing this, Orton will accomplish something no other WWE Superstar has ever done. Thanks to several websites that are dedicated to the world of pro-wrestling, including Ringside News, we learn that by entering Wrestlemania 38 as a Raw duo champion, along with Matt Riddle, Randy Orton will once again write his name.

in WWE's all-time records. With such a belt on his hips, Randy Orton will be the only athlete in WWE history to have entered the Showcase of the Immortals as Tag Team Champion, WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion.

Until now, this statistic had never been staged by any athlete, with Randy Orton who, in addition to having taken part in the highest number of matches in ppv in the entire history of the company, now also succeeds in this umpteenth record so far unattainable.

The Viper will be the first-ever WWE Superstar to enter WrestleMania as a Tag Team Champion, a WWE Champion, a World Heavyweight Champion, a United States Champion, and an Intercontinental Champion.