Raw: Seth Rollins destroys everything

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Raw: Seth Rollins destroys everything

In the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on 21st March, WWE wanted to develop its most important stories again in view of Wrestlemania 38, with its Superstars who carried out the various feuds, between those who already have an announced match and those who are still waiting to be included in the official event card.

Among the few who still do not have a match inserted in one of the two cards of the most awaited event of the year, Seth Rollins also appears sensationally, who after a myriad of great storylines has not yet found his opponent to participate in the show of the show, with such a lack that it knows how to literally freak out the WWE Visionary.

Obviously, everything's said to be the result of a storyline of the Stamford-based company, which could serve to bring back the former athlete of the federation, Cody Rhodes, with the former TNT Champion of the AEW who's said to have recently signed a new contract worth a few million of dollars with WWE, after a few years away from the federation.

Seth Rollins destroys everything

During the episode of the red show that ended a few hours ago, Seth Rollins was included in a match against AJ Styles, with the winner who would thus have challenged the Rated R Superstar to Wrestlemania, given Rollins' enthusiasm to necessarily have an opponent for Wrestlemania.

Obviously, Phenomenal One won the match, not for his own merits, but for an attack perpetrated against him by Edge himself, who intervened to attack Styles with a steel chair, carrying on the feud with the former WWE Champion.

At this point, Seth Rollins has lost his umpteenth chance to enter Wrestlemania with a match in hand. At the end of the match, after having destroyed the commentary table and the ringside, Rollins with the microphone in hand concluded that all this is a real conspiracy against him, with the audience that began to shout loudly the name of Cody Rhodes.

Earlier in the evening, the audience in the hall had called out the name of the American Dream's youngest son, with Rollins replying to these choruses with a "rumors are very funny, but rumors are not. make the moments and I live for my Wrestlemania Moment."

Apparently, the WWE, therefore, continues to intend to present Cody Rhodes to the public again directly in that of Wrestlemania 38 and not before, as did the Hardy Boyz a few years ago.