Veer Mahaan will be back very soon

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Veer Mahaan will be back very soon

For several months, almost every week, WWE has been carrying out cartoons with which it presents to the public its mammoth Indian athlete, Veer Mahaan, who before making his debut on the main roster rings, had landed in NXT, paired with the other Indian from the Indus Sheer tag team.

After dissolving the couple, WWE preferred to include Mahaan in the trio formed by him, Jinder Mahal and Shanky, with the three who appeared in the special show dedicated to India of the federation and then also on Monday Night Raw, as a stable heel of the company.

From week to week, however, WWE has decided to separate the three, sending Veer to the Performance Center to improve his in-ring and microphone performance, with the Indian athlete having since disappeared from the company's radar.

For several weeks now, however, WWE has continued to stage the presentation videos of Veer Mahaan, with a debut date (or a new debut) that had not yet been defined, until tonight.

Latest update on Veer Mahaan

WWE prospect Veer Mahaan already had some level of fame when he signed with the promotion.

He was a trailblazing athlete long before he stepped into the squared circle. With a sensational announcement that fans no longer expected, this night on Monday Night Raw the WWE wanted to confirm how next April 4th, Veer Mahaan will return to show up in the company's rings, more exactly in the episode of the red show immediately after.

Wrestlemania. As longtime fans will already know by now, the post-Mania Raw episode is always the most surprising episode of the year, as many fans who buy Wrestlemania packages also add the Raw option to their package. Among the many surprises that fans from all over the world will see only 24 hours after the last night of Wrestlemania 38, there will therefore also be the definitive landing on the rings of the red Indian show that has now become a myth and a legend among fans.

of the WWE Universe, the protagonist of the most absurd memes, about his return that never seemed to come. While Veer Mahaan never made it to the Majors, he still did something that many thought was impossible. He and Patel also opened the door for younger Indian athletes who may share the same dream he once had.

After leaving baseball, he changed his focus to pro wrestling. Mahaan signed a deal with WWE in early 2018 and was immediately assigned to the Performance Center.