Raw: Kevin Owens is ready to take things to the next level

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Raw: Kevin Owens is ready to take things to the next level

The episode of Raw opens with Stone Cold Steve Aus- oh no, BUT THAT'S KEVIN OWENS! Yes, because to further provoke the legend, KO dresses up as Stone Cold, complete with a bald head and all and enters with his theme song, amidst the whistles of the Chicago arena.

As soon as he steps into the ring he picks up the microphone asking the fans to give him a HELL YEAH if they're ready to see him kick Stone Cold's butt at the Showcase of the Immortals, but the fans keep filling him with BOOOs and whistles.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin’s music hit as soon as WWE RAW went live. Instead of The Rattlesnake, Kevin Owens came out in an Austin shirt with a bald cap on his head to sell the look.

Kevin Owens' joke

Austin’s music hit again, and Kevin Owens pretended to be scared.

However, the heel revealed that it was just another ruse. He hit a stunner to one of the staff at ringside after asking him to deliver a beer into the ring. Owens was extremely entertaining on the mic. He is among a handful of top superstars who can play both babyface and heel characters perfectly.

This segment helped take his rivalry with Austin to new heights. Immediately after "he pretends" the Texan speaking for him making fun of himself. But he is interrupted by the music of Stone Cold and pretends to be warned, but he has again made fun of everyone and ends this little theater by throwing cans of beer, but he misses them all and so insults the staff member who threw them at him and invites him to get in the ring to give him a can and then gives him a Stunner, before pouring the beer on him and then throwing the can away.

Meanwhile, we see Seth Rollins interviewed backstage by journalist Kevin Patrick, who asks him how he feels about not having a match at Wrestlemania and he laughs before stealing his microphone and walking away. The former NXT Champion appeared on the latest episode of Out Of character with Ryan Satin.

Kevin unknowingly teased the WWE Universe again when asked about thoughts of striking a smack on Texas. When Owens was asked about whether he was worried that his trash talk about Texas might lead to a retired Texas legend coming back at WrestleMania.

Owens replied smartly, “No, no, I am not worried about that”. The former NXT Champion was very confident when he said this. However, using Stone Cold’s finishing move “Stunner” inside the ring makes a statement itself. Kevin added, “When you speak from the heart, nothing bad can happen to you”.