Raw: Seth Rollins can't find his spot

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Raw: Seth Rollins can't find his spot

Oh wow, but there is Lady Gaga! No no, as unspoken, it's Becky Lynch, pretend nothing happened. As you know Bianca Belair is injured, so tonight we get a nice promo for the champion. The Irishman takes his place in the center of the ring, sitting down and doing an absurd promo that is also difficult to describe in words, so I recommend that you listen to him with your own ears and see him with your own eyes because this is being a true Superstar.

But in summary, she says that she sold her soul to the devil as well as keeping the title she carries on her shoulders and would do it again without problems, asking people and Bianca several times: "What does it profit a man to gain the world, and lose his soul?" That is: "What is the use of a man gaining the world, and losing his soul?" This is a religious verse from the gospel and for Becky, it serves to send a message: the answer to this question is hidden in their match at Wrestlemania, where Bianca will find out when Becky shows it to her after winning and keeping the most precious thing she has, which is his belt.

Seth Rollins failed to steal Kevin Owens’ WrestleMania spot on WWE RAW last week. This week, he interrupted AJ Styles and looked to take away his opportunity to face Edge at the show.

What's happening to Seth Rollins?

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have been teammates and have had bitter rivalries during their time on-screen in WWE.

Earlier, both were a part of The Shield alongside Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose). However, things changed when Seth Rollins betrayed Roman Reigns and Ambrose. VEER IS COMING TO RAW ON APRIL 4 KIDS WHO DID IT !!!! Austin Theory vs Finn Balor Before the match Theory he is interviewed in the Gorilla Position by Sarah Schreiber who asks him to talk about the situation with Pat McAfee and he says that he doesn't care that much and that if he wants he can get him fired by Vince McMahon since the two are practically friends now.

Later, when the Irishman has also made his entrance, it is announced that Pat McAfee will be the special commentator of the match and Theory obviously makes a very angry face. The match then begins and Pat has a lot of fun distracting and provoking the boy, while Finn Bálor takes advantage of it.

Pat is a really good entertainer, there's nothing to say. Eventually, he distracts the selfie friend enough for Finn to win with a cradle. The two men started with some standard holds and counters to warm up. It took some time for them to pick up the pace.

Once the two men got going, there was no stopping them. The two world-class competitors showed great chemistry as they countered each other’s best moves. It was a contest that could have headlined any premium live event.