Raw: The Street Profits could be a big surprise

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Raw: The Street Profits could be a big surprise

2-ON-1 Handicap Match: Omos vs Commander Azeez & Apollo Crews. Before the official start of the match, the tag team tries to weaken Omos, but they are not very successful, because in any case, AJ Styles' former shoulder lifts them like two feathers, crashing them into the ring and eventually backs them together without any problems.

At the end of the match he takes the microphone saying that he is unbeaten and unstoppable and that no matter who comes forward on Raw or Wrestlemania, he will dominate anyway. The phenomenal is back AJ Styles comes back after a few weeks of absence and goes into the ring explaining that he just wanted to isolate himself after Edge's attack, but he doesn't care about hearing Edge speak, he just wants to beat him and invites him out, but instead he catches Seth Rollins...

again! The match ended in the favor of the champions, but the night didn't. The Street Profits came out to take both teams out, and they did so successfully. While they stood tall, they may not be the ones walking out of WrestleMania with the RAW Tag Team titles.

The Street Profits could change

It looks like it's going to be RK-Bro's moment at The Grandest Stage of Them All, but don't be surprised to see The Street Profits officially turn heel after WrestleMania. Right now, they aren't acting like babyfaces, but they've yet to cross the line into heel territory.

And just like he tried to do with Kevin Owens, he tries to steal his place at Wrestlemania by proposing to fight Edge instead of him. And then Edge would be the opportunist eh ... At that point Sonya and Adam come out and tell him he can have a LAST chance so tonight it will be AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins for the Wrestlemania match against Edge and Styles angry attacks him, but Seth runs away.

Dolph and Roode walked down to the ring and cut a promo full of mockery. Roode announced that he and Ziggler were coming after the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. The Street Profits walked out to confront Ziggler and Roode and cracked a couple of jokes at their expense.

The champions would have to eat coal, as they could not back their trash talk with a strong performance. Roode and Ziggler had the champions shook and made them reach down deep in an attempt to put away their feisty challengers.

Montez even missed his signature frog splash, causing further damage to his already injured midsection. Ziggler missed a corner splash and crotched himself on the turnbuckle. Montez used that to his advantage and tagged Angelo Dawkins into the match.