Smackdown: Ricochet is increasingly in trouble


Smackdown: Ricochet is increasingly in trouble
Smackdown: Ricochet is increasingly in trouble

RIDGE HOLLAND VS XAVIER WOODS Let's now move on to the ring, where we find Ridge Holland ready to challenge Kofi Kingston in a 1vs1 match. Before stepping into the ring, however, the New Day member announces that he will not be his challenger, but another New Day member.

So, here, it made me laugh. He will not be Holland's opponent, Big E is injured, who will ever be the New Day member who will challenge Holland? WOW, yes he is, Xavier Woods! Who would have thought it… oh well, the fact is that the match lasts very little and Woods wins with a Roll-Up.

Winner: XAVIER WOODS The director, after this spectacular match, takes us to a Limousine where we find Paul Heyman who protects the belt and announces the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. Angel took on Intercontinental Champion Ricochet in a non-title match this week.

The two high-flyers started with technical exchanges before Angel got some offense in.

Ricochet is taking a risk

The heels went 2-0 up against the Intercontinental Champion this week. They'll challenge Ricochet for the title next Friday in a Triple Threat Match.

The two matches weren't spectacular but helped build the title picture. Humberto & Angel are two of the best high-flyers in the business who can work well with Ricochet and give him a few top matches. As always, Reigns sticks up with his Acknowledge Me that he's got bored by now and claims that, before coming to Brooklyn, they stopped in New York City on business.

The Universal Champion reiterates that he ate at Madison Square Garden, a symbol of his supremacy over Lesnar and that, if the latter does not leave the dressing room soon, he will arrive in Brooklyn and make him bleed all over the city.

His speciality lies in the fact that he jumps from one place to the other and flips everywhere. When he gets in the zone, Ricochet is unstoppable. He can do anything and be anywhere. He has gained a lot of crowd backing ever since his recurring appearances against the Hurt Business.

The storyline against Cedric Alexander and the rest of the faction has seen him consistently compete on Monday Night Raw. Most recently, his tribute to Eddie Guerrero earned him a lot of praise from the WWE Universe. Ricochet replicated the classic Eddie move against Mr Kennedy on the November 11, 2005 episode of SmackDown, when he used a chair to disqualify his opponent!

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