Jack Swagger reflects on CM Punk's UFC run

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Jack Swagger reflects on CM Punk's UFC run

Jack Swagger has been very successful in recent years following the example of former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes. During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, he expressed his opinion on AEW. “Very excited about it. When they signed Chris Jericho, they immediately changed the landscape of pro wrestling which is very cool.

Hats off to Cody, to The Bucks to everybody involved in AEW. It truly is incredible because it’s definitely changing the landscape of pro wrestling. We are all here to make money, a lot of money. So we have to brand ourselves accordingly and Jack Swagger is a cool last name," Jack said.

Following a try-out, Swagger signed a WWE contract in mid-2006 where he performed as "Jack Swagger" During his time with WWE, he became a two-time world champion, having held the WWE's World Heavyweight Championship and the ECW Championship once each.

He left the company in 2017 after he decided to pursue a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career. On CM Punk's UFC run: “We both crossed over to MMA and tried to make the jump right at the professional level.

Some of us did that successfully. You have to measure the W though because of how much money he made. He made $2 million per fight, that’s a win in some books absolutely”.