Bret Hart on Stone Cold Steve Austin's return

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Bret Hart on Stone Cold Steve Austin's return

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Hall of Famer Bret Hart, one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step into the ring, was asked what he thinks of his friend and colleague Stone Cold Steve Austin's return to Wrestlemania 38.

"I can't wait," Hart said. "I'm proud of him. It takes a lot of courage to come back and do what he's trying to do. I'll be there cheering for him." Obviously, we remind you that the Texan does not have a match for now, but he will be a guest at the KO Show where, however, a physical confrontation with Kevin Owens is expected.

Also, there is also the rumor that probably the segment will be at the end of Night 1, as also said by Kevin Owens in the last episode of Raw, but as we know the plans can always change.

Bret Hart on Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bret Hart then talked about his famous match with Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13, a match that many believe is the biggest match in Wrestlemania history: “Steve was in his prime.

I don't think it was even better. That was also my peak time. It was two asteroids hitting at the right moment. The funniest thing about that match, and it will probably surprise people, is that we ran out of ideas when we tried to define the match.

They were all submissions, so there was no kick out to the two count. Removing the pins removed a lot of the suspense element. But we had always had a great understanding, so we entered the match with confidence." Then he also added: "If you look at our 1996 Survivor Series match, some people would argue it was an even better match.

What we had was a storyline and two characters that were meant to cross over. At the time, Steve. he was becoming a huge force and was almost ready to break through to a level that few fighters can achieve. I was lucky to be in the right place and at the right time with him."

On the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast, the former WWE commentator and executive said Hart had every right to hold out for the best deal possible: “Bret felt he had great worth. He felt like he should have been paid more, and I’m not disagreeing with that, quite frankly.

He should have been the highest-paid guy in WWE by far. He was the most valuable player in WWE at that time by far, so to me, it was not a hard decision. But, also, I’m not looking at the books. I’m not looking at Vince’s accounting and so forth and so on,” Jim Ross said.