Jeff Jarrett wants to get back to fighting

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Jeff Jarrett wants to get back to fighting

In recent years, several WWE Hall of Famers have returned to fight in the WWE rings, or even just taking part in some angles where they were used physically and not just on the microphone. After seeing Edge's miraculous return to the rings, after a forced retirement that lasted nine long years, it was the turn of Lita, a former WWE athlete who returned first to the Royal Rumble and then even in a titled match against Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber, the last PPV of the company.

Apparently, now, another WWE Hall of Famer would also like to return to fight in some ring in this 2022 and we are not talking about Stone Cold Steve Austin, who will already take part in Wrestlemania 38 at the Kevin Owens Show, but of Jeff Jarrett.

After having spent years in the rings all over the world, from WCW to WWF/E, passing through TNA and Japan, the former Intercontinental Champion of McMahon would have expressed his interest in returning to fight in the ring, despite his age now not younger.

At the moment, Jarrett doesn't work hard with any federation, but soon something could come up for him somewhere.

What's next for Jeff Jarrett?

Earlier today, it was reported by that WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett had been let go from his backstage role with the company this past April.

However, Sportskeeda has learned through Lucha Libre Online that he's still with WWE - just under a non-exclusive contract. In his latest interview with Muscle Man Malcolm, JJ wanted to say: "I'm really trying to take every opportunity, one at a time, when it comes.

The thinking changed when many thought it would only be a month or two. Currently, several companies have been in contact with me for several years, but I think the opportunity has not come at the right time yet, starting in 2022, you know, on January 1st, I appeared for these guys (from GCW ed), culminating all at Hammerstein Ballroom and EFFY and I saw several very good and talented guys.

So I don't think it will be the last time you see such a thing. I will certainly continue to take my commercials and opportunities in the future, in my world, so to speak. I've also been to a WWE event. The reason I've been to Springfield, Illinois is because of the Lucky Horseshoes, the city's baseball team, of which they are an integral part of the property.

I've also launched an agency in the last few weeks, part of a bigger project with WrestleQuest, but now you're wondering if you'll ever see me fighting again? I have a lot of possible choices ahead of me at the moment, but no, it's not the last time you've seen me fight in the ring for this year."