Why did Sasha Banks ask for release?

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Why did Sasha Banks ask for release?

In the past, The Boss had already opened with the WWE Universe on a really difficult period that was going through in his life and career, so much so that around Wrestlemania 35 he was hit by a strong depression. This problem led her to go to Vince Mcmahon's office asking him to be released, but the Chairman told her no, suggesting that she just take a break and then come back stronger than before and actually it was.

In those four months that Sasha Banks didn't fight in WWE, she packed up and left for Japan, and trained with the likes of Meiko Satomura who is currently the NXT UK champion. Sasha Banks has been absent from WWE since she was pulled from live events ahead of SummerSlam.

What happened to Sasha Banks?

It is being reported that Banks was not present backstage at SmackDown this past week. But according to a new report, she will return sooner rather than later. During an interview with The Athletic, The Legit Boss talked about that difficult period, also caused by a shoulder injury that hit her in January of the same year.

"The next day I had a Make-A-Wish and I couldn't move, I couldn't dress, I couldn't comb my hair. Bayley had to come to my room and do it. I didn't want to tell anyone. Those titles meant so much to me." Then he added, about his depression: "I felt so sad every day and I didn't know why.

I had to get away from a situation and a world so fast, where I had to stop and figure out who Mercedes was [her real name ed.] and who was Sasha Banks. I had no free time. I never got to see myself, my family. I took that time to understand what I loved besides wrestling." Luckily that time in Japan did her good, it made her rediscover her love for wrestling, which she has had inside her since she was very small, and in the end, she came back from heel with a new look and a new more positive attitude and attitude then it continued on the road to success.

She is currently paired with Naomi and the two will be among the protagonists of a Fatal 4 Way Match for the women's couple titles at Wrestlemania 38. Sasha Banks is expected to finally return to SmackDown for the super show at MSG.

The hope is that Banks will be on the road for the weekend of September 10. While this outcome is uncertain, it is the current expectation within WWE.

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