Becky Lynch shows off a new look


Becky Lynch shows off a new look

During the last episode of Mondy Night Raw before Wrestlemania 38, or the one that aired last Monday, as always on the USA Network TV screens, Becky Lynch was brutally attacked by Bianca Belair, after the same champion had made a real and ambushed his opponent for Wrestlemania, attacking her from behind.

After hitting her repeatedly, Becky Lynch had also tried to cut the very long distinctive braid of Montez Ford's wife, with Bianca who, however, managed to rebel at the last second, hitting the champion with her TKO, knocking her out.

After smashing her to the ground, Belair wanted to "return the favor" to the sender, going to cut off numerous locks of her opponent's hair, leaving her in the ring with a bunch of red hair on the carpet, with a furious Becky Lynch who has so left the square, returning to the backstage with the locks of her hair in hand.

Backstage news on Becky Lynch

Obviously, after attending the Monday Night Raw corner, it was only right for the red show champion to go and repair the damage suffered with scissors by her opponent at Wrestlemania 38, returning to her trusted hairdresser, with Becky Lynch having so he had to opt for a completely different look from what we are used to, showing in the latest photos posted on his social networks, a cut in full Amazon style.

According to the champion of the red show, despite the lucky cut, forced by the random scissors made by her opponent, Becky's face and head would still be very beautiful, with such a cut that had to be a scar against Becky, who instead is revealed to be a simple change for the better for The Man.

To you the photos above to judge with your eyes. Will it be possible that at Wrestlemania now WWE will insert a stipulation for a Title vs Hair match at the last second? Russo, WWE’s former head writer, told Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr.

Chris Featherstone that Rollins should put his career on the line against Rhodes. The storyline could then lead to Lynch helping her husband against the former AEW star. “To me, the only way he could get in WrestleMania is he’s gonna have to offer something in return, and if it were me, I would have him put his career on the line,” Russo said.

“And then to do exactly what you’re talking about [a WWE star defeating an original AEW star], I would just have Becky screw Cody in the match and Seth go over”.

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