John Morrison can't stand WWE referees

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John Morrison can't stand WWE referees

WWE has carried out numerous wave releases over the past year and a half in order to contain the dire economic effects of the global pandemic. The empty arenas and subsequent crisis brought the sports entertainment business to its knees, forcing Vince Mcmahon and his management to take a series of drastic measures to avoid bankruptcy.

The continued rise of All Elite Wrestling has certainly not helped the Stamford-based federation, which has seen several of its former talents stolen from the competition. Tony Khan's company has even managed to sign two wrestling greats like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson.

One of the latest waves of layoffs also hit John Morrison, who was forced to pack after spending 11 years at WWE (including his first stint between 2002 and 2011). Now John Morrison is back to work with independent companies, as he did before his return to WWE, with his wife, former NXT Franky Monet, who did the same.

John Morrison is a former WWE star

John Morrison was released from his WWE contract on November 18, as part of an eighth round of layoffs due to budget cuts. The superstar is currently on a 90-days non-compete clause. The match was announced at a press conference where AAA announced the card for Rey de Reyes, which featured John Morrison appearing in a video package.

In his latest interview released to the microphones of The Comedy Store, the former historical ally of The Miz in fact wanted to say about the McMahon officials: "Here is a problem I have with WWE; that's the only thing I will say about them, they are truly determined to protect their officers.

If you stay five seconds in the tag and don't go out, disqualify. Ten seconds out of the ring, disqualification. Who would ever buy a ticket to see the referee? The referee is extremely important, but the referee's role is to facilitate storytelling.

Some of these referees, there are a couple in AEW who work far better than wrestlers. This is sufficient as far as the referees are concerned. I have given you the idea. If you don't have any kind of control or power, then they are meaningless.

You can't just bury the referee, taking away all kinds of power, but at the same time, you have to be able to cheat. It's a show, people come to see the show. You could do a lot more with a margin of maneuver than with an iron referee." This will be Morrison's first match in AAA since he dropped the AAA Mega Title to Dr.

Wagner Jr. in January 2018. The former WWE star previously held AAA's top title for 313 days before dropping it to the Lucha Libre legend.

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