Lars Sullivan’s Health Update

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Lars Sullivan’s Health Update

Professional wrestlers that work for large promotions have a very tough schedule and have to deal with a lot of pressure. The pressure sometimes gets to them and they become addicted to various drugs. They have to learn how to deal with the pain that comes with wrestling very single week.

Health issues can damage a professional wrestler’s career very badly. Mentally unstable wrestlers are usually not allowed to compete at all. Injured wrestlers simply cannot perform well and are usually placed on the shelf.

Bad injuries can put a wrestler on the shelf for months and some wrestlers may require surgery to get their body parts repaired. Lars Sullivan was set to make his WWE debut, but his personal issues stopped him. He was suffered an anxiety attack just before he was going to debut on RAW.

The plan was to make Sullivan wrestle John Cena at WrestleMania 35. This plan was scrapped after WWE realized that Sullivan will not make it back in time for the feud to kick off. Sullivan recently reported that he is in a “good place” recently.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Sullivan asked for professional help and he most likely got it. Although we believe he hasn’t made a full recovery, he is better than before. His debut was to take place on the 7th of January, 2019. According to a few reports, the WWE has supported Sullivan in his road to recovery.