Seth Rollins wonders about his next opponent


Seth Rollins wonders about his next opponent

Finally, after taking Raw hostage, Seth Rollins got his meeting with the WWE Chairman who welcomed him into his office telling him that Wrestlemania 38 will have his match. But the most curious thing about this decision is certainly the fact that The Drip God will find out who his opponent will be when he is in the ring of the Showcase of the Immortals and even more exciting is the fact that Vince McMahon himself will decide who.

send against him. Obviously, with this mystery going on, Seth Rollins himself decided to guess who will be his opponent and started posting several gifs on his Twitter account. Right now the gifs he posted feature: Veer, Shane McMahon, Ali, John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Scott Steiner.

We cannot exclude that he will post others in the next few hours of course. Only one of these people, however, "answered", in fact, Ali, who had asked the Stamford-based company to be released because he was unhappy with his character's booking, posted on Instagram one of his training videos in the ring, with Seth's song.

Rollins and with “Burn it down” written in the description, which is the title of the Architect's entry song.

Who will face Seth Rollins?

The DDP legend said he was positive about this storyline involving Seth Rollins: "You know they are not doing all this with him for the entire journey without making him come out of this situation strong.

Like, let him be himself because the boy can go. He can fuck himself. Whatever happens, he who knows who he's working with. Whatever it is, it leads to something. WWE isn't going to take down a talent like that, for me, and I might be wrong, but they won't take down a talent like that when it's that good.

He is one of the best workers on the planet." The current RAW Women's Champion recently spoke to IB Sports and was asked about his husband's possible encounter with the returning Cody Rhodes. Big Time Becks came up with a hilarious reply saying that fans were chanting Seth's government name, which sounds similar to his rumored WrestleMania 38 opponent's name.

"You're thinking of his government name," said Lynch. "Seth’s government name is Colby. I think because everybody feels like they know him so well, they've been chanting ‘Col-by, Col-by!’. I mean, he's so good that he could have a match with himself and it would be awesome.

So yeah, maybe he'll be forced to have a match with himself, but hell, if it wasn't on the same night that my match is, he could steal the show”.

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