Bianca Belair thanks Triple H

Triple H has been in Bianca Belair's corner since she joined WWE back in 2016

by Simone Brugnoli
Bianca Belair thanks Triple H

The WWE EST had a good chat with Robbie Fox in her My Mom Basement, also talking about the changes she had to face in the transition from NXT to the main roster, praising some personalities of the company who have helped her When she was asked what the biggest surprise of this step was, she replied: “I would say travel.

It is much bigger. It is much more challenging. You have to be able to adapt and go. You have to be able to figure things out very quickly. I got a lot of help along the way. My husband [Montez Ford] helped me a lot because he was on the main roster for about a year before me.

He then he was able to guide me." Triple H has been in Bianca Belair's corner since she joined WWE back in 2016. Following her victory at Royal Rumble 2021, the EST of WWE revealed what were some of the words of advice Triple H imparted to her after the match.

Bianca Belair praises Triple H

Then Bianca Belair went on to talk about one of the Four Horsewomen: “My first feud was with Bayley. Bayley is so amazing and so talented. So I got his help to introduce myself to the main roster audience.

I feel like I owe Bayley so much for all the help he has given me. She doesn't even know it, but I admired her for how she handled things. She doesn't even know she was guiding me, but she did it because I was watching her and learning from her." Of the invaluable help TJ Wilson gave her, she said, "TJ helps us create magic.

He's special. He has a way to add his little touches to matches and create magic. You can bring TJ a rock and the it will somehow turn into a diamond. That's what it does. It really refines things for women. It knows us. It has a different connection with every single woman and it really adds magic to this split.

We couldn't do the things we did without him. He was the producer of our Wrestlemania match last year, mine and Sasha's. So it's very, very special for this division." Obviously starting with NXT, Triple H has been an important figure in Bianca's career: "Triple H was at NXT.

He was the first person to put me on the main stage and the first person to believe in me. He was a huge part of it. development of who Bianca Belair is." Triple H is a man who has done it all in WWE, be it headlining WrestleMania, winning the Royal Rumble, or just putting on great matches on a weekly basis. Bianca Belair would certainly benefit from listening to The Cerebral Assassin's advice.

Bianca Belair Triple H