WWE has a lot of ideas for Ronda Rousey

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WWE has a lot of ideas for Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey returned to Royal Rumble 2022 by participating in the match that gives the premium live event its name and winning it by eliminating SmackDown champion Charlotte Flair last. Subsequently, she obviously had to make her choice of her on who to challenge at Wrestlemania 38 and she chose The Queen, in fact, the two will compete for the belt in Night 1 of the show this Saturday.

But it disappointed fans a bit who expected to see her come back and face Becky Lynch to pick up their feud from where they left off, at Wrestlemania 35, when the Irishman pinned her, not cleanly to take home his Raw belt, along with that of SmackDown that belonged to Charlotte Flair, also involved in the match.

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Speaking with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Becky Lynch was asked when she could finally face Ronda Rousey in a single match, which was already to happen at the 2018 Survivor Series, before the redhead got injured at the hands of Nia Jax.

"I think the idea was to give him more construction and possibly do this in Hollywood [at WrestleMania 39] of all places. I think the idea was to give him some extra time, and hell, let Ronda. get his feet wet. We also had to tell this story with Bianca.

So I was surprised? No, not entirely, not entirely. I think they thought of Hollywood as where this meeting was going to happen. My talent, my ability, my ability to communicate took me to the top. So I don't care what your name is, you are behind me right now.

It was that attitude that started all of this, and then obviously we had to have that Survivor Series match and they broke my face and we never had that one-on-one match. So maybe, we'll have it next year. Maybe something else will happen.

I'm not worried. I'm the name on everyone's lips right now." During her latest Facebook gaming stream, Ronda Rousey joked that she'd stay in WWE until she and her husband Travis Browne were ready to have another child. The couple welcomed their first daughter, La'akea Makalapuaokalanipō, in September last year.

"Yes, I am staying [in WWE after WrestleMania 38]. I’ll be staying for a while. I just had a baby. I’m not ready to have another one yet so, I’ll be staying around ‘till we’re ready for number two, or four," said Rousey.

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