What's next for Pat McAfee?

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What's next for Pat McAfee?

On the podcast "The Press Box", Michael Cole talked about his hearing problem and the relationships he has with his other colleagues, including Jim Ross, currently in AEW. WWE RAW Superstar Austin Theory is scheduled to take on Pat McAfee in a singles match at WrestleMania 38.

At this time, the contest is slated to be a regular clash with no special stipulation.

Backstage News on Pat McAfee

On his relationship with Jim Ross over the last few years: “Jim and I have had a difficult relationship.

Our friendship was born out of a question of mutual respect. You know, back then when Jim was around, during the late 90s for business in general it was a really competitive time, not just in WWE but obviously in WCW and ECW as well.

People like Jim and many wrestlers too, whether it's JBL or Booker T or Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin, were all really interesting already. They were part of the old school today and they were a lot of stuff. Jim Ross then learned to be a great wrestling commentator and worked hard to get his spot in WWE." On his hearing loss: “I need to hear myself when I go on air and it must be a very loud sound.

I think after 25 years of doing this kind of work, my hearing has just deteriorated a little. I have some special items that were made just for me, I wear headphones that turn up the volume of what I can hear during the show.

So they're almost like hearing aids for front row commentators. This is important because currently, I have really lost 65% of my hearing." On Pat McAfee: “He is the most energetic person I've ever had around me. He makes everyone around him better.

It makes everyone around him want to enjoy the product and do well. Pat and I have developed great chemistry. I took him five years ago to do NXT pre-shows, took him to ringside last year and knew he was going to be a hit. I was shocked that he really wanted to come and work for us and with me.

He is an amazing guy to work for. He is over the top and so special too. He's the classic extrovert and I'm the classic introvert type." Theory has been portrayed as a man who's benefited from being under Vince Mcmahon's learning tree on RAW in recent months.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling leading into Elimination Chamber, the promising star spoke about how his on-screen role is really a shoot: "Absolutely. Every day there's that added pressure,'' said Austin Theory.

''But it's not folding under that pressure and I think Mr. McMahon knows that about me. I'm very determined and I've always known what I've wanted and I've always gone after anything that I've thought about. I'm a risk-taker."

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