What are the plans for Shane McMahon?

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What are the plans for Shane McMahon?

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the situation that arose backstage of the Royal Rumble, when Vince Mcmahon's eldest son, Shane McMahon, sent several members of the creative team into a rage, deciding for himself what was to be sent on stage in the real male brawl, with his name that was to be one of the last to remain on stage, with the Chairman's son who wanted to be the absolute protagonist of the dispute, although the company and the father himself never had big plans for him in view of Wrestlemania.

As we have seen, in the end, Shane still had a very good positioning at Rumble, but he did not do everything he wanted initially, with one side of the contention of the Chairman's son, which was in fact to enter with the number 1, to then remain in the ring for a long time, as happened in the past with several athletes, who then turned out to be the absolute protagonists of their respective Rumble.

In the end, it seemed that Wrestlemania's plans for him were also canceled, while a rumor from the last few hours reports that Shane will also be in Dallas, but what are the plans for him?

New details on Shane McMahon

Apparently, according to what was reported by the well-known site Ringside News, WWE has no plan to bring Vince and Linda McMahon's eldest son on-screen, with Shane McMahon being present at Wrestlemania and throughout the weekend, but not as a performer.

According to the statements of the reporters of the site, in fact, Shane will most likely take part in the Hall of Fame ceremony, because that is a fixed appointment that Shane never skips, but beyond that, we will most likely not see anything concrete in front of the company's screens.

of the Chairman's son. After the hustle and bustle that arose backstage of the company at Rumble, WWE, therefore, decided to trash all plans for him, also eliminating the possible match with Seth Rollins, who at Wrestlemania will most likely collide with the returning Cody Rhodes, for the happiness of Dallas fans and those connected from all over the world.

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