Smackdown: Ricochet is increasingly in trouble


Smackdown: Ricochet is increasingly in trouble

After the match Moss says that the giant to whom this award is dedicated is his hero and he is happy to have won, then he makes one of his bad jokes that I don't even want to hear and laughs, happy more than ever. As much as I don't like it, I got the prediction right and therefore I'm a little happy with his victory.

- Intercontinental Championship match: Ricochet vs Angel vs Humberto. Ricochet's reign as Intercontinental Champion has been a mixed bag so far. He lost to Austin Theory this past Monday on RAW, and just a few days before that, he lost to both members of Los Lotharios.

Ricochet lost to Austin Theory this past Monday

It led to a triple threat match, where Ricochet outsmarted both the superstars to eventually retain the Intercontinental Championship. It was a strong outing, but it doesn't change the fact that WWE's handling of Ricochet is nothing short of inconsistent on SmackDown.

Obviously, we start with a Handicap match but, at the first attempted pin by Humberto, the Lotharios begin to quarrel and soon also beat each other up. How beautiful are the solid friendships that are created in WWE. Equally obvious final, with a Ricochet who is no longer outnumbered and therefore manages to escape it.

630th SPLASH ON ANGEL! IMMEDIATE RECOIL ON THE EX CARRILLO! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Ringside News reported earlier that Ricochet has not renewed his contract. He initially signed the contract on January 16th, 2018 for three years. Now that his contract is one inch away from expiring, reports of a new signing were not heard.

The report argued that the lack of renewal led the star to be squashed in his feud with Retribution on Raw. However, Ricochet has responded to the report on Twitter today. He teamed with Cedric Alexander for a while but Alexander turned on him to join the heel stable The Hurt Business.

Post that, the rising Retribution also set their sights on him. Nowadays, he is just fodder for Retribution or Hurt Business. Although he could easily switch to a new promotion, it seems Ricochet will be in WWE for a while. This is a big sign that WWE has big plans for Moss as a singles star.

He isn't the superstar one would expect to get a big push, but the fact that WWE is having Happy Corbin brush him off constantly means that dissent is brewing.

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