Smackdown: Austin Theory is increasingly surrounded

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Smackdown: Austin Theory is increasingly surrounded

We are ready for the next match and Pat McAfee gets on the comment table for some air guitar to the notes of Shinsuke Nakamura's theme, but ... AUSTIN THEORY MAKES HIM FALL! Pat starts chasing him backstage, with Theory hiding once again in Vince McMahon's office.

McAfee this time does not give up and breaks down the door, but the Chairman comes out, threatening to be fired and ordering the commentator to go back and do his job. - Rick Boogs vs Jimmy Uso. In the finale, Theory once again steals the scene by pouring a bottle of water on McAfee, but this time the commentator holds back, thanks also to Michael Cole who reminds him what his job is.

On the stage, however ... FINN BALOR ATTACKS THEORY! The two end up in the ring. GENERAL FIGHT! The referee calls the end of the match and, during the advertisement, a 3 on 3 is sanctioned. - Shinsuke Nakamura, Rick Boogs & Finn Balor vs Austin Theory & The Usos.

Long enough match, but enjoyable and with continuous provocations towards the comment table, which make everything more engaging if you follow it in the original language. In the final Theory is KO and Balor climbs on the stake, but Vince's cuddly stands up, loads the United States Champion on his shoulders and ...

ATL! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3!

The decisive moment for Austin Theory

After the match, Pat McAfee, once again provoked, gets on the apron, but then thinks back to the threats from Mr McMahon and returns to the comment table. Tomorrow he will have the green light to get his hands on Austin Theory, what will happen? Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss remember being respectively the first and the last winner of the Andrè The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, then the former Baron boasts about having stolen the sword from Drew McIntyre and adds that the Scotsman had called her Angela like her dead mother, now she will be renamed Euphoria.

After a joke about the Scotsman's mother, who would punch him on the nose if Will Smith was in the audience, McIntyre arrives with a scary look full of anger. Moss joins him on stage but is knocked out by a single elbow.

Drew retrieves a chair and climbs onto the square, where he hits Corbin and then attempts to decapitate him with his sword. The casino man moves just in time and goes backstage, while McIntyre decides to break through the table in the ring, just to let off steam.

Thus ends this episode of SmackDown. Indeed, Wrestlemania Smackdown. The appointment is obviously with the Showcase Of Immortals, on Saturday.