Raw: Elias is finally back

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by Simone Brugnoli
Raw: Elias is finally back

In recent months we have seen numerous Superstars of the company disappear from the WWE scenes, with several athletes who have been absent due to injury, such as Big E, struggling with a double cervical fracture or Bayley, still struggling with a leg injury, which obviously they took them away from WWE action or numerous other names that were fired by WWE because they are no longer part of the company's future agenda.

Many others have instead decided to deliberately leave the federation, asking for the release or waiting for the natural expiration of their contracts, such as Andrade, Adam Cole, and Kyle O'Reilly. Among all these, however, there was a Superstar who had been ousted from the company's plans for a new repackaging, or reconstruction of her character, who had been waiting for something new and fresh for some time.

We are talking about Elias, the WWE Drifter, who had not been seen in the McMahon-owned company rings for months and who this Monday decided to return to the TV screens of the federation, weeks and weeks after the last time.

Elias is finally back.

Elias is back

It was in the summer of 2021 when his partnership with the now-released Jaxson Ryker ended and he declared that Elias was dead. It was then rumored that WWE planned a big change in character for the former 24/7 Champion.

He finally returned to RAW after nearly nine months with a brand new name and a drastically different look. During a promo of Kevin Owens, who tried to explain how he got to Wrestlemania injured and then from there find an excuse for the defeat he suffered from the WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin, at one point new entry music resonated in the arena of Monday Night Raw, with a "new" character appearing in front of the audience and in front of Owens.

Despite a completely clean-shaven and different look than what we used to see, Elias was obviously recognized by the public and also by Owens, with the fighter who instead said he was Elias's younger brother, named Ezekiel.

Obviously, Owens didn't believe these words, continuing to call WWE new talent Elias, with the Canadian shortly after asking Ezekiel to leave the ring, because that was his time. After also doing a 10 second countdown, Ezekiel did not move from the ring, leaving Owens to leave.

We'll see in the next few weeks with whom Ezekiel will have his first feud, upon his return to the ring after months of nothing in WWE.

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