Corey Graves has a very special dream

Jerry Lawler will return to RAW commentary on the next episode of the red brand

by Simone Brugnoli
Corey Graves has a very special dream

Corey Graves is eager to bring a famous segment of the past back to current WWE TV, all with his girlfriend Carmella. The Raw commentator would seem willing to do, during this episode of Raw, post-WrestleMania, the old segment made between Edge and Lita a few years ago.

This would have been the perfect night for him to do so he revealed, but only if Carmella had kept the women's tag team titles with Zelina Vega at WrestleMania 38. Sasha Banks and Naomi won the fateful four-pair match and won the titles.

Corey Graves has a dream

With Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman, Corey Graves revealed, “I mean, the Raw post WrestleMania is generally crazy. Anything could happen. We have fans from all over the world, I feel like we have to raise everyone's attention level, that would be the perfect night to do something special with Carmella." On his current role: “From a commentary point of view, I could never give advice to anyone, because I'm not a real commentator.

I accidentally ended up in these shoes and I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I wouldn't be able to give you any kind of comparison from a broadcasting point of view. Despite that, I think as a wrestling fan it's super exciting for me." The last segment of this type was in 2005 in an episode of Raw between Edge and Lita, a segment that was still very popular and that obtained a rather high score.

Graves revealed that he asked Edge if he had any advice on the production, later declaring that he wanted to give him an interpretation of him however and not simply copy what the two WWE legends did. While Graves and Carmella are both very interested in doing this and the segment would likely have scored highly, it seems unlikely that this will happen as it did in the past with Edge and Lita as WWE has now become a PG product than ever before.

In fact, the present of the federation does not allow such a thing that was carried out over ten years ago. Recently, Corey Graves had declared idi wanting to fight Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania, this did not happen and his return to the ring therefore remains uncertain once again.

Appearing on RAW Talk, he applauded the physicality of the "slap fest" between the two athletes. Lawler also rightly predicted Belair's win at the Elimination Chamber event that took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on February 19: “What a great match that was between Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair!

The slap fest they had was so great, so physical. Rhea had to go through three different opponents before getting to Bianca. So obviously, Bianca was fresh and had the advantage. And she will once again have the advantage at Elimination Chamber”.

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