Pat McAfee talks about AJ Styles

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Pat McAfee talks about AJ Styles

On the second evening dedicated to Wrestlemania 38, the long-awaited match between the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles and the WWE Hall of Famer, Rated R Superstar, Edge, was staged. However, before the match even started, in addition to the Brood-style entry of Edge, it was the entry on the scene of the former WWE Champion, AJ, with his face already bloodied, with the fans.

of the WWE Universe who noticed it and asked themselves millions of questions. Apparently, AJ Styles would have cut himself in an accident that arrived unintentionally, right at the athlete's entrance to the ring, with the company not being able to do anything to stop the bleeding, since the athlete had to show up at that moment in the ring for his contention.

Apparently, Styles seems to have unintentionally and unfortunately bumped into one of the spikes of the star created to serve as a logo at Wrestlemania this year, with the company then taking care to warn all the athletes who entered the scene, after Styles, to avoid that they too suffer the same injury.

WWE fans are loving the involvement of Pat McAfee on the road to WrestleMania 38. He was offered a spot on the WrestleMania card by Vince McMahon, and soon after, it was revealed that Austin Theory would be his opponent. This week on SmackDown, McAfee was summoned to McMahon's office, and what ensued was an interesting segment.

Pat McAfee comments on AJ Styles

In the last episode of his personal show, the Pat McAfee Show, the challenger of Austin Theory and Vince McMahon in that of Wrestlemania 38, WWE reporter Pat McAfee wanted to tell how things went with AJ Styles and his face bloodied live, saying: "I was walking towards the gorilla position which is obviously the last place before going on stage and four different producers stopped me saying 'When you go out there, the lower part of the set is like a star, make sure you stay on the stage.

center because on the sides it is sharp. And I just said 'Okay, okay' Then they said 'AJ literally opened his face against an edge. He's bleeding out there right now 'And I'm' What? ' 'Is AJ Styles bleeding now?' 'The match has not even started and he is bleeding, so we have to prevent the others from doing the same.

Okay, thank you very much 'And I said then' perfect, I understand.' " The apology wasn't genuine, but it got fans in the arena hyped up as he said that he was sorry for kicking Austin Theory's a** the previous week.

It was a great segment and promo, and this time around, neither man laid a finger on the other. Theory simply walked away.