WWE Possibly Upset with The Undertaker

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WWE Possibly Upset with The Undertaker

Most professional wrestlers cannot wrestle well after 50 years of age. Wrestlers that sustain injuries over the course of their careers usually retire in their late 40s. Professional wrestling is not an easy job! Famous wrestlers are forced to fight almost every single week.

A badly performed move can injure them badly or end their careers instantly. Even the legendary wrestler, The Undertaker can’t perform as well as he used to. He has stayed loyal to the WWE for many years. He has spent nearly 2 decades in the WWE.

The Undertaker is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. According to Jim Ross, WWE officials are not happy with The Undertaker’s decision to accept bookings. The WWE is not using the Undertaker currently!

Jim Ross stated on his podcast that The Undertaker still needs to earn. "They're not happy in the front office, apparently," Ross said. "How mad can you get at The Undertaker? And secondly, you've got a 50 year-old guy with young children, a son in college.

His track record with marriages is much like mine. It takes a while sometimes to find the right one and he has. But he has got to make a living and if he's at a point age-wise where WWE doesn't want to use him in the ring, or if he doesn't feel able good to compete in the ring”