Randy Orton talks about Bryan Danielson

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Randy Orton talks about Bryan Danielson
Randy Orton talks about Bryan Danielson (Provided by Wrestling World)

For ten years now, Randy Orton has had a constant and very important presence within WWE programming. In the course of his Stamford-based federation experience, Randy Orton has faced all the best wrestlers in the company even though times have changed and some of his great opponents are no longer under contract with Vince McMahon.

Bryan Danielson departed WWE and debuted on All Elite Wrestling in September. While several wrestlers have left WWE unhappy in recent years, that isn't the case with Bryan Danielson, who has gone on record several times since signing with AEW to state how much he enjoyed his time at WWE.

Randy Orton on Bryan Danielson

During a recent appearance on Out Of Character with Ryan Satin, The Viper Randy Orton reflected on his career and showed all his affection for current AEW star Bryan Danielson whom he would still like to see on the WWE roster: “I want my legacy to matter.

for several guys like Seth Rollins and AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan. God how I miss Daniel Bryan. I wish he was still here in WWE. But these guys who are emerging as Priest, Theory, Street Profits, Riddle, are wrestlers who have tremendous potential.

In some cases, like the first ones I've listed, Roman is doing great things. These guys know how to work and know the art of this craft. I want me to have been able, with these gentlemen, to bring this business to a new super generation of talent.

I want to make sure this new wave of talent knows how to work the right way, staying true to the art of what wrestling is. Make sure your number one priority is taking care of the health of the opponent you're in the ring with.

Is critical. But in short, I think if this is my legacy, it would be fantastic and I would be happy." Randy Orton had the opportunity to talk about Edge and his old feud at Wrestlemania: “To have someone again that I respect to be my mentor is fantastic.

For several years I have not had anyone. But now I have someone to talk to, now there's Edge. He is one with an extraordinary old school mentality“. Since last year, Randy Orton has teamed up with Riddle. Their tag team, RKO Bro, recently defended Raw's tag team titles at WrestleMania 38.

Even though Danielson now finds himself under contract with All Elite Wrestling, it hasn't stopped the WWE Universe from hoping that he will return to the company somewhere down the line. Based on WWE sources SRS has spoken to, it doesn't sound out of the realm of possibility since Danielson left on "very good terms," they believe the door is very much open for him to return to WWE in the future if that's what he wants to do.

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