A-Kid reveals some clues to Triple H's future

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A-Kid reveals some clues to Triple H's future
A-Kid reveals some clues to Triple H's future

Triple H has personally contributed to the birth and rise of NXT, making the 'Black and Gold' brand a great alternative to the Raw and SmackDown shows. In September 2021, The Game underwent a delicate heart operation following a cardiac event.

The lengthy rehabilitation process made him make the decision to permanently retire from wrestling. During his absence from WWE, Vince McMahon made a number of changes to the structure of NXT, which has taken on the new name of 'NXT 2.0' Among the experts and the insiders, many believe that HHH has now lost creative control of the show.

The 14-time world champion allowed himself a brief appearance on the second night of WrestleMania 38, in which he greeted the WWE Universe and left his boots in the center of the ring. Interviewed by 'Vibe & Wrestling' a few days ago, A-Kid shared his thoughts on Hunter.

A-Kid speaks about Triple H

"I don't know if Triple H will return to his usual role at NXT, the decision is up to him alone" - explained A-Kid. “This is not a trivial job, on the contrary, it requires considerable effort.

You have to deal with thousands of calls every day, you have to meet the talents and take care of every aspect of the live broadcast. Much will also depend on his health conditions. If he feels good and agrees to come back, I think everyone would be more than happy to have him back at NXT ”- he added.

In the latest edition of the 'Hall of Fame' podcast, Booker T praised his former rival: “Triple H would have become a great wrestler even if he hadn't married Vince McMahon's daughter. Would he have been just as rich? This is another story.

Hunter's talents were well known even before he met Stephanie. HHH has changed this business, it is undeniable. In addition to having shone in the ring, he was also very skilled, backstage. He has given impetus to many young careers”.

Mercury worked as a WWE producer when Reigns struggled to win fans over as a babyface. Speaking to WSI’s James Romero, the three-time Tag Team Champion recalled how he had an idea to endear fans to the former Shield member: “I remember we were struggling,..., trying to get him over, I’d ask Hunter [Triple H] in production meetings”.

Mercury continued, “I remember texting Hunter from two tables back to the front table right there, just texting him while the meeting’s going on, like, ‘Is it time to mention the illness?’”

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