Bill Apter comments on The Undertaker's speech

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Bill Apter comments on The Undertaker's speech

Barring sensational and unlikely twists, The Undertaker's last match will remain the one against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. 'The Phenomenal One' has tried in every way to convince the Undertaker to organize a rematch, but the latter never responded to his invitation.

Within the docu-series 'The Last Ride', the Deadman confided that he could no longer sustain the efforts required by professional wrestling and that he did not want to ruin his image. Taker officially retired from the 2020 Survivor Series, where his legendary career had begun 30 years earlier.

Over the weekend of WrestleMania 38, the 'Phenom' was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Vince McMahon himself. A guest on the latest edition of 'The Bro Show', wrestling expert Bill Apter expressed some doubts about the Digger's speech during the induction ceremony into the HOF.

Bill Apter opens up on The Undertaker

“A lot of things came to mind after hearing The Undertaker's words. It was certainly a very brilliant speech, but I would not have set it that way" - began Bill Apter. “Taker spoke more like Mark Calaway than The Undertaker.

Hearing that speech, younger fans may have wondered who the man in the center of the ring was. He did not have the features of Undertaker at that time” - he added. During a NASCAR event, Deadman made some interesting statements about NXT: “The job of a wrestler is not just about winning or losing a match, it is much more complex.

You have to make people pay for the ticket to see you win or to see you lose. It is essential that a love / hate relationship is established between the superstar and the fans if you know what I mean. This is the hardest part of our job.

What distinguishes a simple wrestler from a well-rounded performer is precisely the ability to get in touch with the public. NXT represents an excellent expedient to make young talents grow physically and mentally." At Judgment Day 2006, Khali defeated the WWE veteran and thus established himself as a destructive force.

Khali had the following to say about his real-life relationship with The Deadman: “First of all, whatever you get to see on TV is completely real. The pain the fighters feel and the blood they shed are all real. The injuries that we sustain… I doubt that any sportsperson in the world would have received so many injuries.

Similarly, the rivalry that you see on stage is also real. So, while the equation between two players might be cordial outside the ring, that doesn’t mean they are friends. The grudge from the match remains,” he said.